Students & Households

  • How do I apply? If you are already enrolled in one of our participating schools, check with a school administrator.  If you are enrolled in an independent school that is not already participating, please have them contact us.
  • Can a student who receives an SGO tax credit scholarship also receive a Choice Scholarship? Yes. A student who meets the requirements for a Choice Scholarship may also qualify for a Tax Credit (SGO) scholarship in the same year provided that the combination of the two does not exceed tuition and fees.
  • What if we have had a significant change in income that is different than what is reported on our most current 1040? We understand that a job loss or other circumstance may result in an income that is different than your previous year’s tax return would reflect. You may submit proof of your current annual income to your school and ask them to fill out the necessary form to document that change.
  • What if we received 401k payments? The income determination is based on your adjusted gross income, which would include any taxable disbursements from a retirement or 401k account.
  • What if wages were garnished? Because the total household income is based on the adjusted gross income, there are not allowances made for wage garnishments that may impact net pay.
  • What if we move in the middle of the school year? If you received a Tax Credit (SGO) scholarship and you transfer in the middle of the year to another eligible school, the unused portion of your scholarship may be reallocated to the new school. We will work with both schools to make the reallocation as fair as possible to all parties.
  • What if I go to a different eligible school next year? If you are granted a Tax Credit (SGO) scholarship, we can provide documentation to the new school (upon request) that you received a Tax Credit (SGO) scholarship scholarship in a prior year.
  • What if I have joint custody of children but they aren’t included on my 1040? We need to know the number of people actually living in your household, and we understand that is sometimes different than the number of people claimed on your tax return.
  • Who determines the award amount? The award amount is determined by the school, consistent with their financial assistance policies. We work with the school to verify that students are eligible and to ensure that scholarships are awarded in a manner that does not discriminate.
  • How do I find out if my child received a scholarship? The school will be your primary contact throughout the process. They will provide the application link to you, collect your financial information and communicate with you if a scholarship is awarded.
  • Are vouchers and “SGO” tax credit scholarships the same? No. The Choice Scholarship Program, (commonly referred to as the voucher program), provides state funded scholarships to eligible Indiana students to offset tuition costs at participating schools. Tax Credit (SGO) scholarship  are funded by private, charitable donations and awarded by a certified SGO.

Please refer to the Indiana Department of Education Parent FAQ document.

*Note that the income chart in this document has not yet been updated – please refer back to SEC’s Student’s & Households page for the most current chart.