Students & Households

 Students & Households

Scholarships for Educational Choice wants to help your child receive an education from the school of your choice. Please review our list of Participating Schools and see if there is one close to where you live. Students enrolled in these schools who meet the financial criteria may apply for an SEC tax credit scholarship, check out our Guide for Applicants or this Brochure for Applicants for more detailed information.
If your school participates with SEC, or another Scholarship Granting Organization, please speak with a school administrator and they will provide instructions for applying. If you are enrolled in an independent school that is not in our Participating School Program but you think they may be interested, please direct them to our website or email the SEC administrators.

Is your child eligible for an SEC Tax Credit Scholarship?

Per the statute governing the Indiana School Scholarship Tax Credit Scholarship Program, an eligible scholarship recipient must:

  • Be a resident of Indiana
  • Be between five (5) and twenty-two (22) years of age and enrolled in an eligible school as defined by the Indiana Department of Education
  • Be a member of a household with an annual income of 200% or less of the amount required to qualify for the USDA’s free or reduced meal program.


How is Income Verified?

Your income is verified with a copy of your most recent federal tax return.  Some of SEC participating schools use a company like FACTS to verify income.  If you have filled out an application with one of those companies, you likely will not need to provide any additional information.