Validating Eligibility

Per the statute governing the Indiana School Scholarship Tax Credit Program, an eligible scholarship recipient must:

  • Be a resident of Indiana
  • Be between five (5) and twenty-two (22) years of age enrolled in an Participating School
  • Be a member of a household with an annual income (Adjusted Gross Income — AGI) of 200% or less of the amount required to qualify for the federal free or reduced meal program. The graphic below outlines the income threshold per number of members of the household.

In order to approve an SGO Scholarship, SEC requires that each applicant indicate the number of individuals living in their household and provide evidence that the household income meets the thresholds. For this reason, Participating Schools collect the income verification documentation and forward it to SEC for review.

Please note that if your school utilizes the services of a third-party vendor to collect and manage household income documentation for the purposes of evaluating financial aid (ex. FACTS, PSAS), then you will not be required to resubmit documentation to SEC unless the third-party has not received or verified your submission.

Please also read about Income Verification Options and Determining Household Size.

The Indiana School Scholarship Tax Credit Program is authorized and governed by Indiana Code 6-3.1 – 30.5