Partner Schools

Scholarships for Educational Choice currently partners with more than 60 eligible schools across Indiana.  In concert with SEC, our partner schools work with their donors to promote the giving opportunity and work with their families to make sure that all eligible enrolled students apply for tax credit scholarships.

By law, our partner schools must meet testing and accreditation standards as outlined in Indiana Code 20-51-1-6.

Partner Schools facilitate fundraising by offering the tax incentive opportunity to individuals and businesses that believe in the mission and quality of education being offered by the school in that community.  Click here for a guide that explains the program in more detail.

Some of the benefits to becoming a Partner School are:

Control & Flexibility:
Through their fundraising efforts, partner schools are able to control the scholarship amount awarded to eligible students based upon their school financial assistance policy. Also, SEC offers flexibility regarding the timing of disbursements and administrative demands of the school. Please note the minimum award amount is $500.

Assistance & Credibility:
In addition to providing fundraising collateral, SEC will counsel and even participate in fundraising initiatives for the school.

SEC collaborates with the school and optimizes online opportunities to provide an efficient award process for their eligible students and school office.

Read more about the two primary responsibilities Partner Schools fulfill in concert with SEC:
Fundraising and Scholarship Administration.