Income Verification Options

The applicant must submit documentation from ONE of the options below.

  • If the school uses a third-party vendor to collect household income documentation to evaluate financial need (i.e. FACTS, PSAS) and applicants have submitted all required information, the the school will not need to provide us with additional documentation.
  • Copy of Federal or State Tax Return for ALL members of a household. MUST be for the taxable year IMMEDIATELY preceding the date the scholarship application was submitted. Tax returns should be for 2014 when applying for the 2015-16 academic year.
  • If the school accepts Choice Scholarships (vouchers) and the applicant has been approved for one the school can use a copy of the approval verification received from the Department of Education.
  • Copy of participation cards or benefit statements for TANF or Food Stamps/SNAP.
  • For the most recent two months, copies of all income documents for each income-earning member of the applicant’s household (pay stubs, unemployment, pension, social security, child support, etc.).

Please also read about determining household size and income that is exempt.