Indiana’s Tax Credit Scholarship Program offers a unique incentive to donors that is rare in charitable giving. Through a partnership with SEC, donations from individuals and corporations yield a state tax credit equal to 50% of the amount donated.  These funds may be designated for students attending one of our participating schools (set aside in a restricted fund), or for students attending any eligible school (held in a general scholarship fund).

How does this work?  Participating Schools reach out to their supporters and the community to direct donations to the school’s restricted fund at Sagamore Institute. Our donation brochure may be printed, distributed or linked to via the school’s website. We will also work with our Participating Schools to co-brand materials.

SEC will secure the donation’s state tax credit from the Indiana Department of Revenue and mail a letter of receipt to the donor, complete with instructions on claiming the credit.  State law provides that we may retain an administrative fee (no greater than 10% of each donation).

After funds are raised, the Participating School’s restricted fund (less the administrative fee) will be credited, and scholarships may be awarded to eligible students enrolled in that school.

Ready to start raising funds? Take a look at these sample fundraising programs or visit the donor section.