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The state of Indiana sets aside funding for tax credits for individuals and businesses that wish to support scholarships for eligible students attending qualified private schools.  Donors receive a state tax credit equal to fifty-percent (50%) of the amount donated. Because Sagamore Institute is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, the donation is also eligible for a federal deduction. There is no limit on the amount of tax credits an individual or business can receive. Please consult with a tax professional regarding your unique circumstances because federal deductions vary.


The chart to the right shows some examples of potential tax savings.  The federal tax savings are shown in a range because the actual amount depends on the tax bracket of the filer.  The federal calculations are based on the assumptions that 100% of the donation amount is listed on Schedule A as a charitable deduction, and that the state/local taxes amount on Schedule A will be reduced by 50% of the donation amount.

Chart for tax savings

Please consult a tax professional about your specific tax situation!